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Do I have a chance with a foreign exchange student? watch

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    Hi fellow peeps,

    I found this cute foreign exchange student which is on a 1 year exchange in my school. Finally, I managed to have a conversation with her and it was probably the highlight of my week blush Well this is because I could never overcome my fear of starting a conversation with a stranger and her being a foreign student didn't help ( I like foreign students which made me even more shy). Our conversation was great (or rather that's how i felt). We made small talk and had a few laughs and she was showing me this music site she was listening to and introduced me to it. However, I had classes and had to go. I told her that I hope I can see more of her and left. My only regret was not asking her for any sort of contact from her frowning . About a day or two later, I found her Facebook and messaged Hi to her. She replied and asked me how I was doing. I replied but after that she hasn't since. For now, I'm assuming she doesn't have WIFI unless she goes near campus, but what if I was wrong and she isn't really interested or anything..which leads me to some pointers:
    1) Will she have an intention to date a local, considering she'll only be around for a year?
    2) She mentioned she has friends to do stuff with, probably foreign students from her university too, and I would think that it'd be weird if she hung out with me. I dunno why I think that way.

    Man..I'd really wanna see her again and ask for her number but I haven't seen her around since we talked. And the fact that campus is huge doesn't make it any easier to see her again.
    P.S. Do you guys think maybe I should send her another message?

    What can I do? :sad:
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    Hopelessly in love?

    I offer you............ the Bollywood way - sing her a song:

    "I can't live without you now, What's my existence without you.
    If I get separated from you, I'll be separated from my own self.."

    "Because it is you alone, and you alone.
    You are my life, my peace, my pain, my love"


    Unless she has a thing against dating, or dating english people, or just doesnt like you that way - then yes she probably would date you if she likes you.

    If you cant find her to ask her, then yes pop her a message over FB. Of course its better to ask to her face - but if you cant see her you can ask her lol.

    If she says no, then she says no but she might say yes

    She hasn't even messaged you back or shown any interest, you're obsessing way too much over someone who probably has no interest.

    Take your cues - she has the chance to talk to you and isn't. Regardless of all the deep reasons you think she may not want to date you, I'd say it's pretty clear she doesn't want to date you. I really wish guys would get the hint when I don't message them back. I mean how hard is that to get??
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