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    I could not find a relevant section to post this in, so decided on posting here.

    I need a bit of advice on what you would do in my position as I have been thing all day and night about what to do.

    I'm 18 and finishing my last year in college studying IT, I did not drop a mark last year I am set to do the same again this year which is equivalent to A*A*A* at A-level. So it's not like will struggle on the academic side of things.

    I wanted to go to Uni and study 'Software Engineering' in the hopes of becoming a programmer after I finish my education. Which IT is basically the future and such a secure choice. IT companies are paying very well for graduates and offer good opportunities.

    This is were things get a little, confusing.

    I work in Tesco and my store manager has offered me a secured position of being a night shift manager for a year, salary in the region of £25,000 - £30,000. After the year I can move to day shift and continue my career as a Tesco manager.

    So what would you do? Would you give up your education to be a Tesco manager? Would you finish your education and go from there?

    Thanks very much for reading I look forward to reading your response.

    I think you need to start to consider what it is you actually want to be doing as a career, and not just what will make money. You are in a fantastic position to secure your finances - both the job and the degree have good prospects and you can get into a high earning bracket. Now is the time to ask yourself what it is that you actually want to do with your life, since the job and the degree will give you very different skills and lead down different career paths.

    Make this choice on this basis alone - money will not be a problem for you with either choice.

    Sure being a Tesco manager sounds like a safe and nice bet. But that's it. Will you be satisfied doing the same work for the rest of your life? Are you okay with missing out on the university experience (although overrated, is still valuable)? Do you think that your hard work on the academic side would be put to waste if you jump into a job straight away? Do you think there's a chance you'll regret not going to university and exploring your options?
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    Thanks for the replies guys, both are incredibly valuable.
    I believe im edging towards Uni but just trying to trust myself that it is the right decision to make. Im sure only time will tell.

    Looool I'm guessing your studying the BTEC IT Extended diploma like me
    And your being offered a store manager at 18 which is very impressive why don't u just take a gap year
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