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Hello, everyone.

My name is Fiky, English Literature graduate from University of Indonesia. I am so excited to have found TSR as the largest discussion forum for university students in the UK.

I am planning to take my master degree next year in Cross-Cultural Communication at Newcastle University, but a little bit puzzled with the difference between CCC alone and CCC with specialisation, for example with International Relations.

The website shows that CCC without specialisation has 100 credits for below optional modules:
While, CCC with specialisation in IR, for example, has 40 credits for above optional modules and 60 distinctive credits for Politics Modules below:
My big question is: Does the difference between the two degree only lie in the number of credits for the optional modules in CCC without specialisation, where you get 100 in CCC without and only 40 in CCC with specialisation?

Then, does that mean I would learn deeper about CCC in CCC without specialisation because I take a lot more credits for those CCC standard optional modules?

Then I wonder if it would be better for me to take CCC with specialisation because I would learn few different courses.

I already sent my question to NCL but have not received the answer. I am thinking that TSR and you guys, especially those studying and associated with NCL, could advise me about my study plan.

I can not be more thankful to find the answers from here.

Thanks very much!

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