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    Hi there,

    I have decided that I want to study Accounting and Finance at university but I have a few questions I hope that could be answered.

    I got my AS level maths result back a few months ago and it was not great at all, in the end I had to drop it. I didn't deserve that grade as I worked at a C grade level all year, so I'm putting it down to a hard exam/poor exam technique by me.
    But now this has got me stressing out because Uni's don't know that I didn't deserve that grade, they'll just see it as a bad, undesirable grade if you understand what I'm saying. So basically, how mathsy is Accounting? I've checked on numerous universities websites and the modules don't seem too mathsy and most don't require maths to apply. Will I be at a disadvantage applying for accounting? I have heard it is only very basic maths needed for things such as percentages and ratios but surely a person applying to do accounting with a poor AS maths grade sounds ridiculous?
    I just need some advice as I'm very stressed.
    I appreciate it all! Thanks

    Im starting uni in 2 days to study accounting and finance but I didn't have maths at all for a level because I was very sure at the start that of A level that I will be pursuing art and design related course but completely trashed that idea on my second yr and changed course to Accounting. I'm guessing you have 4 a level subjects if you're gonna put it down.

    My a level subjects were art, graphics(product design) and geography. What a very odd combo right for A&C but guess what I did get accepted to all uni I applied for (conditional offers since my AS results were crap but that's still consideration). I really thought I was at the very disadvantage with all my subjects being odd for accounting and finance, but I really dissected all my subjects and by doing this you'll realise that they all have mathematical elements to them. You just need to bullet points all your a level subjects and list the skills or knowledge you acquired or developed...For example:
    Knowledge: how business and production (manufacturing) operates
    Skills: problem solving, data collecting and managing finances (since the project has a budget)
    Be expressive with skills of precision and critical analysis (to produce high quality work); develop attentiveness on details which is important for Accounting to scan for anomalies + prevent errors.
    Knowledge: countries economic development and management, and conflict
    Skills: analyse issues, problems solving; data collecting- analysis-and -presentation. And I also added how I developed an interest of being attentive of the current/ongoing affair concerning the global economy.
    Plus, I summarised how the mathematical elements in my subjects piqued my interest to pursue Accounting and Finance...

    Good luck on you Personal Statement, hoped I had been helpful to you

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