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Hey, so recently I've been trying to get back into Art after 2 whole years (i had been lazy and also after taking art for GCSE i was put off for a long time because it took the enjoyment right out of it.
Now off to uni and I want to engage in my most loved hobbie (art), I've started creative writing again but I can't seem to get back into drawing because I'm really not as good as I used to be, I feel like I have A LOT of polishing up to do.
I feel like I've lost the ability even though that's not true, i just need to work on it any advice how to start ? How do i get back into it?

Also guys you can post your poetry/art/writing pieces here for creative people see see and enjoy and be inspired or someone else's poetry or creative work you admire.
Open for help and advice.

This is a creative corner.

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