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anorexia recovery - only gained a few kg but feel like I look very different? watch

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    Won't bore you all with a huge paragraph but basically I was diagnosed with anorexia binge/purge subtype and have been in recovery for about 3 weeks.

    When I was diagnosed my BMI was 15.6, and now I've gained about 2kg which puts me at a BMI of 16.3 - but I feel as though I look drastically different? I can see changes in my body that seem far beyond normal for only a 2kg gain and to be honest, think I now look like I'm a "healthy weight" which absolutely terrifies me as it's only been a couple weeks and I still have quite a bit more weight to gain

    Why on earth has 2kg made such a huge difference to my body?

    Could it be my ED distorting things? I never had distorted body image before this though - I always knew I looked very underweight but I liked it and hated my healthy body, so I find it hard to put this down to distorted body image now.

    Any answers or even just advice on dealing with the changes would be appreciated

    First of all, well done for excepting help and becoming healthy so quickly.
    Now your personal view of yourself may have been altered. Just know that this weight you have now is great, and makes you look even more beautiful! If it continues to worry you, talk to a friend (I understand it being hard to talk to family) or if you need to talk to a stranger, message me. I'm sure your body doesn't look distorted. In your eyes maybe, but in the eyes of others, beautiful! If you gain any weight then that's only a positive. Not a negative. Stay strong.

    * Former Anorexic *

    you probably are distorting things a bit, if you feel like weight is piling on/clothes fit differently it makes sense that you start to 'see' that

    also, if you are in the early stages remember that you are probably less dehydrated which will immediately make your bones stand out less and the weight gain in general will be more noticeable when you're lighter, 2kg is a higher percentage of 40kg than it is of 60kg and will be more visible on a smaller body

    there is absolutely NO WAY you look healthy with a BMI of 16 so just trust your doctors and keep eating, once you reach a healthier weight the obsessional thinking gets better and it is easier to accept your body the way it is

    Think of 2kg as 2 bags of sugar. If you were to try and coat your entire body with the contents of those bags of sugar, the layer (if it even did manage to cover your whole body) would be so thin - almost unnoticeable.
    Your body physically can't produce that much tissue in a short space of time, so what you are seeing may be water weight but not 'real' gain.
    I hope this makes sense!
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