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Hey there

i am 16yo male and I am bisexual. I have both male and female 'crushes'.

Today at lunch, my friends (mix of straight males and females) were discussing gay sex, and I noticed one friend became extremely awkward and kept bringing it up, asking questions etc. due to this and a lot of other stuff, Im getting the feeling he is also bisexual or at least gay.

The guy is fairly attractive and i do want to pop my cherry and suck some **** soon (and also having intercourse with a female so I am more sure of my sexuality), so Im wondering if this should be pursued? If so how would i go about pursuing it?

this is anon as i have not officially came out as bisexual yet
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maybe talk to him alone; see if he's interested? Look at if he holds your gaze, does he seem awkward around guys more than girls..Is he also wanting to experiment etc?

Though I wouldn't advise just doing it for the sake of loosing it, maybe get to know him more and see if you really like him? As if it's just meaningless it might not give you the best start to exploring your sexuality? By all means experiment and flirt with the guy but maybe take it a bit slower before actually trying to jump into bed with him :P

Also, you don't necessarily have to sleep with a girl to feel more secure in your sexuality, if you have feelings and interests there they're probably valid the way they are
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Yeah I suppose. I can't see myself in a relationship with a male, yet have a sexual attraction to them, so I'd probably describe myself as heteromantic and bisexual.

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