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Lush Trial Shift advice? watch

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    I have a trial shift soon for Lush! I've wanted to work at Lush for a really long time, so I'm super excited.

    I would like some advice about my trial shift, though. I don't want to be buggy and stalky and follow people around the shop like some people do in Lush because that's a bit creepy, but I know to welcome the customer with a "Hello! How are you?", asking "Are you looking for anything in particular?" and maybe a "Have you seen [insert product name] before?"

    I've been looking at a few products- a variety of bath bombs, bubble bars, and soaps so far, but I'll be looking at moisturisers and shampoos/conditioners soon; trying to memorise just a few of the ingredients in each (things like lemongrass oil, tangerine oil and lemon oil as a pick-me-up, or lavender oil as a relaxer, or even olive oil in the Bubbleroons to moisturise), just so I can help a customer if they need something specific or to show them a product and say like "Twilight is the perfect bath bomb if you're going to bed, as the lavender in it is soothing and relaxing and will help you sleep. You can even pair it with A French Kiss- a beautiful bubble bar obviously containing lavender (it has a lavender plant in it) for the perfect bedtime bubble bath!", or "If you're looking for a product for children (or, you know, adults who haven't quite grown up yet) then Fun is perfect! It comes in multiple colours so you can mix and match, and you use it just like play dough! And when you're ready for your bath or shower, you can use it as a bubble bar, as body wash, or even as shampoo!"

    I've read that they look out for you doing demos, but the only demo I've been taught how to do is a massage bar (which I'm pretty damn good at). I'm assuming moisturising is pretty similar- put a blob on, massage it into the hand, asking the customer to smell it and see how good it smells while also explaining things like "Dream Cream is out best seller- containing oatmeal, it's perfect for all kinds of skin, even sensitive, which means its even super good for people who have eczema!", but I'm worried about demoing things that involve water- and am I allowed to just use a bath bomb?? like can I just take a bath bomb and put it in the water???

    I'm very very worried, I really want this job! Is there any advice anyone can offer me?
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    I would recommend going into Lush and seeing what the staff say. Go in disguise and take a friend if you must. They do usually have bowls of water for demoing the bath bombs from what I've seen when I've gone in, but I've always assumed they just use the broken/damaged ones.

    when you arrive get there a few minutes early and just ask what they'd like from you today I.e. do they want you on a specific section or drifting, are they happy for you to jump right in with demos or do you need specific training for each one etc - it's not going to go against you to ask a few questions, they will prefer someone who is happy to ask if they are unsure rather than messing something up
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