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    Ive been here for years now and go out all the time but I cant even think of any places where the people are more middle class. You know like who have morals and are a decent kind of folk. I mean like the type of people who go to manchester uni proper. Thing is Im not at uni any more and and neither did I go to manchester uni but I still go to student night sometimes with mostly manc uni peeps and they seem of a much better stock of ppl in general than the riff raff mmu types I had to put up with (I was a naughty boy in school/college so never got good grades until I buckled down in my last two years of uni so never had much choice where to go uni wise).

    Its not necessarily a class thing its just I notice that middle class ppl seem in general to be less snide, though Ive met alot of good working class ppl too, so it depends but Id say manchester in general most ppl are very callous and empty. I used to live in bristol and there was much more of a community feel to the place and everyone rubbed shoulders and there was a more friendly vibe.

    Manchester feels so cold and austere in comparison, so much more cliquey.

    The only exception Ive found is the nights that mostly manc uni peeps frequent, though ofc they are not natives. But my question is what kind of bars and clubs cater to the same type of crowd because I need to diversify and students are away more than they are here thru the year which leaves large swathes of times where Im at a loss.

    I find manchester city centre everywhere just seems obsessed with money and status. Its like manchester is all about the cornation street/footballer's wives/wag culture.

    Then places like factory really are your shallowest lowest common denominator types. Though I like the place now and then I find it soul destroying going too often when I start to believe everyone in manchester is like the regulars who go there.

    I guess there is 42nd street or maybe soup kitchen. Even the northern quarter is as bad in terms of the materialistic bent since hipsters are so worried about how they look they are as bad as the money grubbers who frequent deansgate and the locks. Maybe there are some decent haunts in nq that attract a decent class of people however I havent found them. I havent looked really hard tbh just gave up on the place a long time ago when the chavs started decending on the place a few years ago.

    Suggestions, with a mind for it being the same kind of ilk as the manc uni proper crowd?

    As an aside I generally find loads of good old middle classers like myself are always at places like dnb and underground music nights. However Im not into that 'scene' any more.

    What are you on about? What is middle class? Doctors, Lawyers and Barristers? What is working class? Someone that works in a factory? Are you really saying you discriminate on people based on what their parents do for a living? What a quaint attitude to have. And what has class got to do with bars and places to go out in?

    What a bizarre post. Why did you feel the need to post that?

    I have lived in Manchester all my life,,and that is now a considerable number of years. I couldnt possibly comment on the club scene as it isnt really on my radar and i dont consume alcohol in any great quantity.

    The class thing has always fascinated me. I personally do not recognise it however many people feel more comfortable if they allocate themselves a space on the social spectrum.

    The bottom line is that we are all the same. We are all in the soup together. What is class anyway? Is it all about money,education,pedigree? Surely a lot of that is superficial and mostly an accident or fortune of birth?

    A lot of people identity as middle class or so called professionals. They are simply fooling themselves. We are all members of the global underclass and the main difference is that some pay more tax than others.

    The real masters of the universe are the ones with real money not just 50/60/70k per annum gross..thats simply peanuts.

    I have had two evening trips into the Ciy centre in the last week. I appreciate its freshers week and everyone wants to get out there, have a good time, bond with their new friends etc...but a little part of me felt that so many young people are being conned by the whole business which is really about the consumption of alcohol and making big profits for big alcohol brands at the expense of peoples wealth, health and wellbeing.
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Updated: September 28, 2015
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