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Is the economic argument to exit the EU being won? watch

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    Whilst we have had some scaremongering on Brexit particularly from EU companies such as German banks etc is the economic argument now being won that the UK economy will do well outside of the EU?

    Last week Nissan said it will invest another £100 million into UK plants & said Brexit made no difference

    Today Vauxhall have said they will stay in the UK regardless of Brexit & have said EU free trade would continue because the UK market is so vital to the EU

    This is following numerous other businesses operating in the UK, a gigantic UK-EU trade deficit in the EU's favour and the UK being the EU's biggest export market in the world

    So is the economic argument for Brexit being won?

    The UK will do just fine economically. Maybe even better.

    Honestly, why do you people in the UK not have faith in yourselves?

    If my home country, Nigeria, was being tossed about and demanded to do things the way the EU tosses the UK about, it would have told them to *** off and rightly so a long time ago.

    Take the sovereignty of your country back. Are you not called Great Britain for a reason?
    Control your borders, put your own citizens first (native and legal non native citizens) and stop mindlessly supporting the erosion of your culture.

    Switzerland and Norway aren't part of the EU and they are doing just fine and even better economically.

    The UK pumps 20 billion pounds annually into the EU budget. And what a waste that is frankly. With the NHS at its knees and the deficit still an issue, the UK could really do without giving needed money away.

    I hope the economic argument on leaving the EU continues to thrive and gain support.

    In the short term at least i don't think there'd be a substantive economic difference from leaving the EU although their is potential upside in the long term.

    That's not been enough to sway me completely though but then its the wider more illiterate electorate that you need to convince.
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