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Moving to US at undetermined time watch

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    Currently, the US aren't accepting VISA applications so my family are remaining in the UK for the time being - but now I'm wondering what to do.

    I have just started my A levels (I was ok at GCSE because it would mean I'd end up doing AP classes [I think?] in the US) and I'm confused.

    If I leave after AS, what should I do? What if I leave in the middle of A2? What if I don't complete AS and move to the US? The time of departure is undetermined, and therefore plans are constantly changing.

    I am unsure about the equivalence of A levels and AP classes, as well as being unsure about their meaning to Universities. Should I start my personal statement now? I am also unsure about which state I am moving to (though the likely candidate is Florida) so there's plenty of questions about the High school I'd go to.

    Rather, this whole situation is based on a set of 'What ifs'. Ideally, I'd complete my AS and A2 in the two years as normally planned, so there is an attempt at 'going with the flow'. But due to a visit from University students and advice on attending open evenings, the wake up call is developing a panic. If I do complete my AS and A2 as planned then move, how would I apply to American Universities? And to whom? (as I am typing this, even more questions arise)

    I was told to 'go with the flow' - but knowing some background information regarding A levels/APs and the USA wouldn't hurt either; I'm hoping it subdues my panic.

    Ideally finish your A2s, otherwise you will basically have to start the 2 years again i think

    ^In no case would they have to repeat two years of school. That wouldn't happen.

    That's a very stressful situation, and I'm sorry you've found yourself in it. I'm pretty sure AP classes aren't in a 'stream' like A Levels so I think you could pick them up just at whatever point you arrived in an American high school. Middle of A2 is a nightmare scenario and I'd strongly advise your family wait at least until the summer so as not to completely upend you. Regardless, if you're not wanting to take a gap year your applications do need to start in the autumn of your last year of school, wherever it ends up being. Apply wherever you like, just be aware of SAT dates and any help services that possibly exist in your school to help you with the process.
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