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Correlation between having friends and getting girls? watch

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    between having friends and getting girls?For YEARS I never had any real/close friends, only acquaintances; I barely ever went to parties, or clubs etc.
    When I was younger (15-19), I only liked hanging out with really intelligent people, was very reserved, and I wasn't - at all - interested in getting girls (even though a decent amount of attractive girls showed interest in me). I was also very religious at the time (I'm not any more).

    I had my first "relationship" (it wasn't really a relationship - we were only together for less than months) experience when I was 19 - during my first year at college. She forced herself into my life and she was my very best friend... Until she left me for her ex.

    Her leaving me led to me being extremely depressed for 3 years. She was the closest thing to a friend that I'd ever had, at the time. I knew that the best way for me to get over her was for me to find myself another girl - but I didn't have the friends or social skills to do so. I lived in my head for 19 years, and it felt like an impossible task.

    It took me 1.5 years for me to start making changes in my life: I started going to the gym very regularly, eating well, improved my conversation skills x1000, started becoming much more fashionable etc.

    Now, my social skills are A1 and I also look great now. But I still don't get girls anywhere near the rate I think I should probably be getting - and I think that has to do with being very poor and not having any real/close friends. This time last year, I thought I finally found myself a group of friends that I fit in perfectly with... Turns out that they never really respected me (found this out over time); I was always the last person in the group to find out about anything, they falsely accuse me of ridiculous bull****, and they were just pricks in general. I was the one that decided to cut all of them off, three months ago.

    Now I am back to being friendless. The good news is that I'm no longer depressed, I have great social skills now, I'm now fun to be around, and I look great. But I feel that the fact that I don't have any friends will hinder me. I love going clubbing now, but now I don't know anyone to go with. I have been clubbing on my own before (and will continue to so, if the circumstances remain the same) and it's a lot, lot harder to pull if girls see you on your lonesome.

    So, the point of this thread, was to ask you guys (who have experienced being a loner and being in a friendship circle) if it made a night and day difference with regards to how many girls you had interested in you.

    I should also mention that even though my social skills are great, I am still (very much) introverted. I've also decided that I don't want to ever be in a relationship because I get too emotionally attached to people - when they get very close to me. Right now (and for the foreseeable future) I just want to **** girls and do well in my academics.
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