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How To Spot An Attention Whore watch

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    imo this is sort of true :lol: know guys like this too

    in b4 tl dr

    An attention whore has no boundaries. The fact of the matter is, she wants attention and she wants it now. So when she meets someone - namely, a guy - who she feels like sucking up attention from, she’ll try sink her hooks in as fast as possible. And she’ll often go about doing so by getting buddy-buddy very quickly.
    After having only recently met, she may refer to you with the fondness one would normally reserve for an old friend, share deeply personal information with you, and seem eager to hang out with you and your friends. At first, she may just seem like an extremely friendly person. Or she may seem like someone who’s normally on the quieter side, but for “some reason,” has chosen to open up to you. It can be very flattering as attention whores are often charming and pretty. But if a girl gets awful friendly awful fast, it could be an indicator that she’s an attention seeker.
    2. She flaunts her problems for the world to hear – especially guys. This is a big one. If a woman wears her problems on her sleeve, it should be a big, billowing, bright red flag. A woman who is indiscriminate about who she shares her problems with or seems particularly eager to bare her soul to any guy who’s willing to listen is most likely an attention whore.
    While you can be sure that the attention whore will do a ****-load of complaining about her problems in person, this tendency can be especially evident online through social media. Though some trickier attention whores are smart enough to conceal this behavior on social media, there are plenty who aren’t. Be thankful for them - they’re making it easy for you. The girls who habitually post whiney facebook statuses, spewing over-personal, inappropriate details about their problems are the ones you need to stay away from. Far away.
    3. She mopes around and/or makes indirect, whiney, open-ended comments, trying to get you to ask her what’s wrong. This one kind of goes along with the above two points. An attention whore wants you to care deeply about her and her problems. And she can be very manipulative, passive-aggressive and underhanded in trying to get you to do so. A woman who tries to compel others to ask her “what’s wrong?” through her words and actions is very likely a raging attention whore.
    4. She’s very immature.
    Immaturity is a tell-tale sign of this wretched condition. Being an attention whore is simply a symptom of being immature and insecure. I choose to focus on immaturity because it’s a more reliable indicator of the attention whore condition than insecurity is. You see, most attention whores are indeed insecure, but that doesn’t mean that most insecure females are attention whores. The Attention Whore Syndrome is only one of many ways that insecurity might manifest itself.

    But immaturity is a trait that is especially unique to the attention whore. All attention whores are immature and most adult females who suffer from immaturity exhibit attention-seeking behavior. As children, we all seek and thrive upon receiving attention. But we move past this stage as we mature into adulthood and become more secure in ourselves, no longer requiring constant validation from others – ideally. The attention whore, on the other hand, is still stuck in the infantile stage.
    5. She refers to various guys as her “best friend.” If a woman frivolously throws the term, “best friend” around to describe her relationship with multiple guys, this may be a red flag. First of all, for someone to bestow such an exclusive title on multiple people indicates immaturity, which, as mentioned above, is a tell-tale sign of Attention Whore Syndrome.
    Secondly, through my extensive, maddening observations of attention whores both within and outside of my social circle, I’ve found that the attention whore will often refer to the guys that she most frequently uses for attention as her “best friends.” The fact of the matter is that when she calls numerous guys her “best friends,” she doesn’t mean it. And, whether consciously or subconsciously, she knows she doesn’t, but she says it anyway.
    And let’s face it – it’s highly unlikely that a heterosexual male and female could ever become “best friends” in the truly platonic sense, where neither wants anything more than friendship from the other, anyhow. But the attention whore is thoroughly delusional and either doesn’t realize or simply doesn’t care if the guys she calls her ”best friends” feel led on and used when they inevitably mistake her soul-baring as romantic interest in them. And if you share in this male-female “best friend” delusion, you can go ahead and continue getting ****ed around by attention whores.
    6. It’s always about her. An attention-whore is remarkably self-centered. Though she herself may not even realize it, she is interested only in what she can get from you, not what she can give to you. She may seem very sweet and even down-to-earth at first, but you’ll find the attention whore has the uncanny ability to bring every conversation back to herself. A seasoned attention whore might throw you enough bones to make you believe you aren’t actually involved in a one-sided conversation every time you talk to her. But if your conversations with a girl almost always ultimately revolve around her, you’re probably dealing with an attention whore.
    7. She sees herself as “just one of the boys!” In other words, she’s that one girl bouncing around in a group of guys playing football, having a tickle fights with one or two of them in between hikes. Or she may be “really into” playing video games (with guys, of course) and refer to herself as a “gamer girl!” The attention whore is always looking for ways to insert herself into situations where there will be a multitude of guys and therefore, will often gravitate towards stereotypically male activities in order to do so under the guise of being “such a tomboy!” This is certainly not to say that all females who enjoy sports or video games are attention whores, but if her primary reason for partaking in such activities is to obtain attention from guys, then watch out (note: she would NEVER admit to this, of course).
    8. Lots of other girls hate her. A girl who claims she just “can’t get along with other girls” and has a considerable amount of female enemies is bad news. Sure, girls can be jealous, nasty *****es, but if she can’t seem to hold onto girl friends and always seems to have a slew of girls who can’t stand her, there’s a good chance that she’s the problem.
    Because of their penchant for stealing/attempting to steal other girls’ boyfriends, the attention whore is likely to have lots of females who hate her. Also, since nothing is more important to her than acquiring male attention, she will often do so at the expense of her friendships. Females who claim that they “have mostly guy friends because guys are less drama,” are usually attention whores.
    9. She often fishes for compliments and/or backhandedly compliments herself. The fishing for compliments part is pretty self-explanatory. But another trademark of the attention whore is backhanded boasting - meaning she brags about herself through an insincere complaint. Here are a few nauseating examples in the form of facebook statuses and tweets:
    FML, this shirt is like a dress on me. and it’s a small…so annoying. #TinyGirlProbz
    ummm, so do I have a sign on my forehead that says, “hit on me today??” three separate guys stuck their heads out of their car window and whistled at me today…#awkward #weird
    so, this guy at the gas station told me i have “the most interesting color eyes” he’s ever seen. uhhh…not sure how i feel about that lol
    Whether she’s blatantly fishing for compliments or backhandedly complimenting herself, it’s all a part of the attention whore’s need for constant validation.
    10. She constantly puts “selfies” up on social media sites. Sure, most people are guilty of the occasional social media “selfie.” It’s normal to want to have a few flattering solo pictures of yourself on your facebook page. But then there are those girls…the ones whose photo albums consist primarily of selfies.

    We all know the type. The obnoxious, self-absorbed facebook bimbo. The “me in the mirror in my bathing suit,“ “me with my glasses on. I’m such a dork <3,” “me with no makeup on…,” “close-up of me and my carefully contrived, pushed up cleavage,” “black and white picture of me trying to look cute/sexy with some deep quote/song lyric as the caption” girl…you get the point. It doesn’t get any more obvious than this when it comes to identifying an attention whore. If a girl’s facebook/twitter/instagram/whatever looks anything like this, head for the hills.

    In summary, sure, it’s easy to hate the attention whore. She sucks ass. But really, she’s not a hateful, but rather a pitiful creature. When you learn to identify her, you can avoid having to deal with her. And the further you are away from her, the less you’ll hate her and the more you’ll simply pity her.

    1. She's a woman.
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    (Original post by stonehrd4eva)
    1. She's a woman.

    (Original post by CharliesBird)
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