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To SFE: Failed two years of university but I had severe depression. watch

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    Hello all,

    I failed my first year during the academic year of 2012/2013 and then I failed my second year during the academic year of 2014/2015. I have evidence and reasons supporting both cases which I have sent to SFE.

    I would be so grateful if someone would be kind enough to read through my cover letter and answer my questions at the end.

    Dear Student Finances England,
    I am writing this letter to request a further year’s support since I have failed my second year and already used up my gift year. The reason I failed my academic year 2014/2015 was because my mother attempted to harm herself considerably, and consequently was admitted into Wotton Lawn Mental Hospital, Gloucester last December. This interfered with my revision schedule and had a serious impact on my exams in December as I became severely depressed as I was overcome with guilt. Unfortunately, my depression got worse throughout the second semester as my mother’s condition was not improving and she suffered from a suspected stroke. She was eventually released from hospital around April but her mental state was still unstable. This affected my depression and I was unable to prepare adequately for the resits in August.

    I would also like to tell you that I had to request the gift year due to medical reasons. During the exam period in December 2012 I suffered from severe pain due to my wisdom teeth and I was unable to sit my exams. Additionally, my dad suffered from testicular cancer and had to have one of them removed in 2013. This caused me much distress and I was unable to finish the year.

    As evidence I am attaching a letter stating my mom’s admission into Wotton Lawn hospital and a note I received from my doctor regarding my depression and physical state during the second semester of 2014/2015. I am also sending you a note regarding my mental state from 2013.

    I hope that this is enough to convince you that I am entitled to another year of student support since I enjoy university and I would like to succeed as I do well when I have no emotional distractions or illnesses.

    (End of cover letter)

    I won't include the evidence I am also sending because it includes personal details. However, I am sending them the following letters: one from my doctor stating that I was depressed and suffering from both palpitations and anxiety attacks, my mother's admission into hospital and a recent letter from the doctor stating that I'm fine to return to university.

    Since the new semester starts in a week for me, I have notified the university that the tuition payments will be late and they were extremely understanding. My problem is that I originally sent my evidence 6-7 weeks ago but it got lost in the post. I sent the second set of copies last week but I have not received any confirmation that they have received the evidence yet.

    Therefore, I have four questions. First, have I included everything I should in my cover letter?. Second, is this (Student Finance England
    PO Box 210, Darlington DL1 9HJ ) the correct address? Third, is it normal that they haven't updated my online correspondence tab after 7 working days? Lastly, what is the probability that my request for them to pay my tuition fees is accepted?

    Thank you to anyone who has taken the time to read my post.

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    Official TSR Representative
    Hi Nick,

    From what you've said in the above post, it's highly likely the assessors will accept your request for an extra years funding. I should add though that we won't be able to give a definite answer until the assessors have viewed the evidence. However, you've sent off exactly the type of things that we're looking for (dr's note etc) so at this stage I would allow a bit more time for it to be processed. Currently it's taking us 14 working days to process evidence of this kind, from when we receive it, and it's normal during this time that the online account won't change. It's only once the assessors have viewed it that your account will update.

    Hope this helps.

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