Psychology Extended Project Qualification ideas

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Hi everyone

I have signed up to do an Extended Project Qualification at school and I would like to do something based around Psychology because I want to take Psychology at University.

I am pretty stuck on any original ideas that are actually possible to do so I was wondering if someone on this site had any ideas that may help?

Preferably, it would have to be quite a large topic with a lot of research done on it so I can use them in my EPQ. I was thinking to do something about Serial Killers/Criminals in general but I’m up for doing other Psychology related topics too. I don’t really want to do anything on Sport or Cognitive psychology but I don’t mind doing my EPQ on Abnormal, Developmental or Anomalistic psychology?

But yeah, I’m up for any ideas if anyone can think of any? Also, if anyone has already done a Psychology EPQ, I’d be grateful for any advice on structure/ layout too.

Thank you!!

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