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I was just watching that Game changers thing about Grand Theft Auto (namely the hot coffee mod for San Andreas) and violent video games.

I can 't help wondering why people think violence in video games and the media influences violent crime. I've been playing video games quite a long time the first violent game I remember playing was double dragon on the Nes the first one I owned was. starwars dark forces

I have played many shooters since then
Farcry 1-2-3 and 4
Crysis 2
Bioshock 1 and Infinite
along with other violent games like
Street fighter
Dead or alive
Asassins creed
to name a few and of course I have played GTA 1-2 Vice City, San Andreas, and 4. I bought GTA 2 at 15 but i don't go around nicking cars and engaging in gang warfare I got GTA vice city at 18 and you don't see me engaging in drugs or mob activity. My point is i haven't had any negative effects on my mental state because of playing violent video games Or because I watch violent films or listen to heavy music so why do the anti game lobby say it makes people do these thing I've played COD but I don't wan tot join the army I have played Street fighter but I don't want to fight I've seen The Departed (which I did'nt like) but I don't wanT to be a gangster) I listen to Slipknot but I don't want to "stick my fingers into my eyes."

I agree with censorship to point I wouldn't let say the 13 year old down the road play GTA but most people can tell a difference between a game and life even at 8 years old when i got Dark Forces. Murder happened before why must games be the cause now?

Any way bit of a rant but discuss
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People want to find excuses for everything so blaming video games for violence is easy. I'm sure I read something a while ago which said a study had found no link between playing violent games and committing acts of real life violence

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