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    I've read a lot of guidelines on applying to medicine obviously. They all say much the same thing, and they all come from those choosing candidates.

    I was wondering what the people who actually did the applying thought. What was it about your application that got you in in the end?

    Thanks in advance for replies!!

    I did poorly on my UKCAT so I think I got in due to an excellant personal statement, great GCSEs and AS results as well as 3A* predictions (mainly PS).

    (Original post by e.swift)
    ....What was it about your application that got you in in the end?
    "predictable luck"
    Make of this as you will - I'm sure someone will rubbish it - but it just may be enough to get an offer if you're worried about being a "borderline stats" applicant. If you're a stellar applicant then it doesn't apply.

    Test your asumption of what "best chances" schools you should apply to by analysing the following, and then correlate it with your own applicant profile
    1 - What a medical school measured last year
    2 - What a medical school changed in what it measures this year
    3 - Number of school leaver applicants.
    4 - Number of re-sitters / re-applicants this year (based from last year)
    5 - Work out how a medical school is likely to change their entrance requirements in response to applications received
    6 - Work out if there could be an increase in attrition rate for the offers. e.g. if a school has recently upped its entrance requirements - perhaps above its perceived "prestige" entiltlement (here's looking at you Exeter) its likely that the high achieving applicants that got an interview, will eventually go elsewhere anyway. That leaves spaces for others further down the interview score list (or were on reserve).

    Advice for last year was -
    If you had a decent UKCAT (3rd decile or above), apply to Ukcat heavy schools
    - More schools took on BMAT (Leeds BSMS) and dropped UKCAT
    - People were frightened by last years's blip increase in UKCAT, so they thought that applying to non UKCAT schools "was a better fit for their profile". Big mistake - 4000 applicants at Liverpool and few for Newcastle!!!
    - Large overspill of minimum "AAA" re-sitters and re-applicants
    - UKCAT results this year dropped back to the norm

    So what could be the advice for this year?
    have fun - but this is what I think
    - IMO, probably the best chances for "AAA" Re-applicants for the last 2 years - but only if they apply to the "right" places.
    - There should also be a reduction of re-applicants this year. (The 2013/2014 "hump" has passed/is passing though and A levels are harder now - no multiple resits)
    - There are differences in entrance requirements again from last year - mainly around UKCAT it seems. Never understimate how "unsmart" a lot of other applicants are e.g. with trying to work out where their own UKCAT score fits.
    - Look for trhe interim UKCAT results as they come out - to see if they are similar to last year (they should be)
    - Before confiming UCAS choices, wait until last moment - for the published UKCAT results to be confirmed.
    - IMO...... Slightly above 3rd decile UKCAT scores have traditionally been fine for cutoffs. last year it seemed this went down, but this year, I think it will swing back up slightly - 2nd decile UKCAT will continue to be fine
    - Lots of BMAT and UKCAT requirements now - Unless you have fantastic academics, beware of applying to any other schools (do many exist now?) This is what happened at Liverpool
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