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    Ok so I have an issue.

    My boyfriend went away clubbing with his friends 3 years ago and didn't tell me about it. I had a feeling during the time he told me he was going away, so I confronted him and tried talking about it but he lied to me even more. He told me lies like, oh I won't do anything wrong, I'm only going to my friends uncles house, we are just going site seeing etc etc.

    Anyway he did as he wished and went clubbing, God knows what else he did. I found out a year after because he accidently slipped up about it during a conversation.

    Since then I have not been able to trust him to go away somewhere with his friends. I'm really not the type to stop him but since that incident I just can't help think bad things.

    It so happens that he has an exam in a few weeks and he has to go away for a few days.

    I am really on edge. I want go trust him but I am really really on edge! I am so stressed about this, I keep thinking a million things in my head. I've tried talking to him but he's not one to sit and talk about anything so I'm just dealing with it.

    Like I said I want to trust him but in the past he's not been the best bf to me. He's lied to me and been clubbing behind my back, he's stared at other girls while I was stood right next to him, he's never made efforts to see me, never once at university did he have lunch with me even though we were a couple and on the same lunch hours. He use to see me while he was with his friends and ignore me, pretend he never saw me. After all this I still stayed to try and make it work.

    A few months ago I couldn't take it anymore as he started shutting me out of his life every chance he got, so I disappeared from his life.

    I think he realised what he had done and he apologised and completely changed into a great boyfriend.

    I don't know what to do? In the past he's apologied but become back to himself again.
    He's going away and I can't help think a million things!

    He doesn't seem like a terrible person. Just a bit callus in the way he treated/treats you. If he would just be truthful with you and say look this is what I will be doing and this is who I will be doing it with then you wouldn't find it easier to trust him. I think you could maybe try and explain this to him. Not so much a conversation, rather just you telling him what he can do to put your mind at ease.
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