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Why don't men play Netball?

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As a guy who has played netball, honestly I don't really know why.... Its a really good sport, far better (in my biased opinion) than basketball in the way it is played... On the subject of stigma, I have got quite a lot of stick and banter when I tell people I have played netball, it doesn't affect me but I can understand why it'd put guys off

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It could be that it's always played in short dresses or skirts, making guys think it's only for girls.
So why can't men play netball as a PERFESION? Like I'm tryin to do my hmk about it and I still don't understand why they should play it like I play netball and I love it like come I love basketball and handball as well but in my opinion I think because there's so many rules in netball I think it's hard to play meaning if u r a good player than u must be very skilful.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion....... I'm sorry that you don't like netball, but it's not your place to say that basketball is SOOOOO much better than netball is.
It is a basketball-like sport. And this is an one I am not keen on playing, not really. But if I have the choice between those two, I would decide for basketball, as it seems to be more active.
Woooow! Your brain is so small! You are from England and think that you play basketball so well!?!?!? jajajaja!!! Please.Males can play netball and be better players in basketball or football, for example. Netball improves many skills that you can use in other sports.So, make a team and play against women, after that tell me if the netball is a
Netball is **** compared to basketball. If you're scared of contact then run along to netball.
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My opinion, as a former professional in basketball is that netball is just a very lazy kind of sport! Saying more straight - this is a horrible version of basketball (I am sorry for Netball fans, no offense). I mean I tried myself several times to play netball and btw this is totally wrong, Philipp, that males do not play this sport, but it is just incomparable against the real basketball. I can't stand the rules that you are not allowed to use the whole field, but just play within zones, you are not allowed to dribble and the worst is no blocks!
On the other hand, I can understand for example if you are really keen about basketball, but for some reason you do play well, than yes Netball is an option.

"Former professional basketball player" my ass, the whole idea of basketball is an easier version of netball because you need a stupid backboard to help you aim. Does that show talent? That seems pretty lazy to me, Netball is one of the top sports to get injuries from, why don't you play netball i would love to see you break a knee or finger like I did clown, Sorry for showing my opinion but you showed your worthless opinion so i'm actually not sorry, I would pay to see you play netball you will most likely miss the hoop and cry to whoever you have in your life. Netball is portrayed as a women sport because men like you who hide behind the screen and continuously say netball is a lazy sport are weak, i guess we could all say basketball is a horrible version of netball from little babies like you.
I see your point, but as I play netball myself, netball has been changed to a semi contact sport, but everyone just keeps shoving each other around anyways lol. Did you know I've had six fractures in my foot from netball (all at once, damn it hurt!). I am truly sorry if this sounded rude, but I just wanted to let you know
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And this is coming from a bloke... I have just always been curious, as to why us men have never really played Netball, and why it has come to be seen as a feminine sport? It's not that I have any great desire to play the sport, but what about it doesn't appeal to men? It seems a fairly fun looking sport; I know about basketball and handball and whatnot, but if we play those, why not Netball?

Totally agree! I’m a girl and I love netball but I wish there wasn’t so much difference between boy and girl sports! There are so many sports that my school don’t let us girls do! I’m literally the only one who cares but I just find it so fun!
I’m a boy and in primary school I used to be one of the best netball players there and there were quite a few boys there also. In high school there are no boys at all, cause my friend said he went for a few week but dropped out as he was the only boy. I’m year 9 so I haven’t played netballl for 3 years but I wish I could.
I used to play netball in primary school and there was a mixture of boys and girls but just slightly more girls and I was actually one of the best there. Well I haven’t played it for 3 years now (since I joined high school) as no boys play it. One of my friends who used to play netball with me at primary school played for a few week but then left as it was only netball. I really wish I could still play netball, makes me sad.
Because it’s a **** sport and basketball is much better :u:, and I say this as a female
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Because it’s a **** sport and basketball is much better :u:, and I say this as a female

basketball is so dead
netball is elite
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basketball is so dead
netball is elite

Each to their own..just had bad experiences with netball in PE
Netball is literally basketball for pussys. Of course you don’t need a backboard when you’re shooting from 2 metres away without anyone being able to block you. Basketball is so much better like at least you do **** when playing. In netball you’re just standing around and then passing slowly every now and then. I’m not surprised men don’t play it because it is ****.
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Take all the athletics, excitement, and contact out of basketball, and netball is the result. It is one of the very few sports invented by a woman Newcombe, or boring watered down volleyball, is another.