Perpetrator of child molestation: man = perpetrator, woman = victim. Watch

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The double standards espoused by modern gender feminists are...everywhere. Unequal distribution in favour of men = discrimination (see STEM professions), unequal distribution in favour of women = equality of opportunity and thus no positive action (see primary school teaching, psychology sector, number of applications made by men and women to Universities, etc.), male only club = sexist (see St Andrew's golf club), women only club = safe space (see networking groups, gyms, taxi firms, business conferences, workplace awards, political party conferences, etc.)

However, nowhere is this manufactured moral relativist insanity more pronounced than in the legal systems of advanced democracies.

I posted an example recently of the SAME judge handing down a far more severe punishment to a male child molester than a female child molester. A 55 year old man was sentenced to 25 years for raping a 14 year old girl by Judge E. Scott Bradley.

The same judge sentenced a woman who raped a 15 year old boy to 2 years probation.

When a man rapes a child he's an evil, heinous individual, when a woman rapes a child there's some anomaly somewhere, she must have a 'health condition', someone must 'save her.'

Here we are again: this time in Australia. Judge Patrick O'Neal has sentenced Dean Tapper to two years in prison for raping a 15 year old girl.

Yet, to show both innate media bias (the infantilisation of women) and double standards in sentencing, the SAME judge in the SAME city said this: 'A former Perth school teacher who had sex with a 14-year-old boy is otherwise of "impeccable character" and not a predator, a judge says.' Oh, and wait - she wasn't even named in the article for 'legal reasons.'

Of course, the lenient treatment doesn't stop here. Cassandra Leigh Johnson, 42, WAS imprisoned for 5 years for raping SIX 11-12 year old boys, however she has now had her conviction overturned citing 'mental illness.'

It's nowhere to be found in mainstream Australian media.

Here's another one. Woman, 31, raped a 14 year old boy staying at her house, had his baby and then sued him for child care payments. Again, she isn't mentioned in the article, again she gets away with it.

And another one. A woman tries to rape a 10 year old boy, gets 200 hours community service.

And another one. 23 year old woman rapes a 13 year old boy but is free from responsibility due to her 'low IQ.' What's worse, he was allowed to move in with her, and had three of her children by the age of 18.

Another one. Woman repeatedly rapes 14 and 15 year old boys but avoids prison sentence due to side-affect of depression medication. 'Lawyers for former QH indigenous health care worker Pandela Carmel Salmon claim the acts were committed when she was deeply depressed at work - from alleged bullying - and suffering rare side effects of prescription medication.'

Another one. Woman has sex with boy sleeping on her floor and under her care but avoids a prison sentence because 'she was lonely.'

Feminism = all the rights and absolutely none of the responsibilities. Between air conditioning, manspreading and free bleeding, all feminists ever do is infantilise women and manufacture a perpetual victim complex. Soon enough, it will permeate throughout our entire society, even more than it does already.

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