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Hey! Welcome to the TSR News, Help, and Feedback section :woo:

If you're new to The Student Room (TSR), you might want to look at a more detailed guide: "The Ultimate TSR Guide", which helps to explain how to post, create threads, and send Personal Messages

The TSR News, Help, and Feedback section is designed for users to find out the lastest developments, get help with, and provide feedback for the site. To ensure that we don't have the same query repeated over, please take a look at the useful links below before posting in this section:

If you have a specific moderation query (such as a warning card or post/thread removal):
Please do not post on the public forum. Simply create a thread in Ask the Community Team (AtCT) and you should hear from a member of the Community Team (CT) within 24-48 hours. Note that this section is private, so only you and CT can view your thread

What are Posting Tips?
Posting Tips are new cards to help you post in a way to get the best from TSR! This includes posting in the correct section and little hints about the rules on TSR. These are simply guidance, and will not escalate into other cards. For more information, please click on the How our community record system works thread.

Got a query or concern about the Moderator role change?
Moderation on TSR has now been taken in-house and into the TSR office, whereby the employed CT members deal with reports and most moderation. The former moderators (mods) are now called the Support Team. To find out more, click on the Announcement about the moderation role thread.

Got a question about the updated rep system?
There have been a few updates to the rep system in the past couple of years. These include the removal of negative rep/thumbs down and the ability to rep unlimited users - although you can't keep giving rep to the same user within a short space of time - this is known as Please Rate Some Other User (PRSOM).

Got a question about TSR Mobile App?
There is often a lot of discussion about the mobile app about how it hasn't been updated in a number of years. TSR is looking to update the app in the new year, as stated here! Hopefully there will be more exciting announcements to follow

Got a problem with the new text editor?
Sometimes technology can be rather temperamental. If you have a problem using the new text editor, please post in Problems with the new Text Editor? thread.

Want to join the TSR Support Team?
Great! Please click on the Join the TSR Support Team thread

Want to remove your account/request a permanent ban?
TSR is not able to 'delete' your account, however, you are able to have your account permanently banned. Please note that this will not remove your posts/threads, but it will result in your account not being accessible and your username will no longer be on the members list. For more information about this, please click on Ban requests on TSR.

These are the common type of threads posted in News, Help, and Feedback. Please ensure you look at the threads linked above before posting the same queries that can be answered by reading them
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