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I am a student who is currently studying A Level. I have a keen interest in studying Medicine but due to some extenuating circumstances I was not able to do well in my As examinations and as a result I had to drop Chemistry. I am aware that most medical school asks for A level Biology AND Chemistry.
Now that I have messed up my As grades and Medical schools don't usually accept re-sits, I am thinking about Medicine with a foundation year.

I would like to know whether or not it is a good idea applying to foundation year medicine with not very good grades. I emailed Manchester university regarding my situation and got a response that they would not mind resits and that resits would not affect my application.

I know you have to apply to at least 4 medical schools when applying for Medicine and one insurance course. Is it the same with foundation course?

I mean, Can I apply to 2/3 Universities that offer Medicine with a foundation year and two to other universities for my insurance course? - is that possible in terms of foundation course? Or does it have to be 4 Foundation course and one insurance course just like applying straight to the A100 course?

Hoping someone could help me in this situation.
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you don't have to apply for 4 medicine courses, the rule is that you can only apply up to a MAXIMUM of 4 medical courses, meaning you could apply for 1, 2, 3 or 4 medical schools, but not 5. so you surely will be able to apply to less than 4 foundation medical degrees.

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