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The exam question was:
Insulin is produced in the beta cells in the pancreas. Insulin is synthesised, on ribosomes then modified and packaged into vesicles. It is stored in these vesicles until it is secreted.

ii) The pluripotent stem cells were injected into the mice. After 8 weeks, these cells had developed into insulin secreting beta cells. Describe how these pluripotent stem cells became specialised beta cells. (4)

My exact answer:

All pluripotent cells all have the same genes in the mice body. However, only some genes are turned on/expressed by certain cells

This means that mRNA for beta cells can only be transcribed/transcripted in these cells. So the protein is only made in these cells. These means that only these cells have the special structure created by the particular protein. So these cells become specialised. In this case only the expressed gene cells produce insulin so the pluripotent stem cells can become specialised between cells.

I got 2 marks for these questions after the remark. Before the remark I got 4 marks. I really think I deserve at least 3 marks, if not 4.

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