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Just bought myself some Kat Von D liquid lipsticks and they work so great!!!!! They never smudge and last long.
I really like the smell of si........Jus need to wait till next month and it will be mine.
I also ordered two suits for eid.....! Bit scared of spending money out of budget but, then if I cant feel good whats the point I thought... lol
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Any advice for dry hair ????

I have very dry, frizzy and thick hair and I normally use the Vatika black seed oil 1-2 a week before my shower - which helps to provide moisture and growth to the hair. I use the Loreal elvive shampoo for dry, thick and rebellious hair along with the conditioner. I do straighten and apply heat to my hair a couple of times during the week, but these simple products help to ensure my hair is less dry
Original post by maralemania2407
Any advice for dry hair ????

Use warmed up coconut oil or olive oil as a mask all over your hair and leave a shower cap over it for a good few hours then wash off
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Hey guys, i've just started a youtube channel based around beauty and lifestyle! i would be so thankful if you checked it out!!! Xox

I will certainly check it. I am fond of fashion.
Nice conversation about beauty and hairstyle. I got many ideas for beauty and good hair. I will keep in touch with this forum for more much useful ideas.
Hi guys.

Are any of you big fans of fashion week? I am conducting some research and would love to hear from some of you who are Huge fans of fashion week and digital!
My latest favorite fashion is a leather jacket. They are sleek and have a unique style which compliments every outfit!
Fashion is so popular in world wide. New era new fashion. These days leather jackets is so popular in wearing.
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skin care tips and what are the best product. Thanks
Thanks for the advice. We will see it and try to do business with you.
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Thanks for sharing this amazing blog.
cosmetic他的化妆镜将帮助您从中国只要£22.00 0191202155704.jpg
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Hello ppl

I'm planing to renew my wardrope

For work i usually wear casual staff like jeans and t-shirts. I love black clothing but i have to wear some colours otherwise colleagues always comment on it ans ask silly questions like who died etc

well my plan is to buy some pieces in order to wear them everywhere except work, clothes in the style of a preppy goth girl

i prefer black like i said, i would like my clothes to be modern and classy but with a goth twist

i'm in my 30's and i like to keep it simple but i don't want to be dressed like everyone around me and on the other hand i don't have a fortune to spend on clothing

hope you got the impression of what i'm looking for

your fashion advices would be highly appreciated!

thank you
Thank you so much for this tips, it will really help me to explore this community.
thank you so much to this warm welcome.
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Thanks for this thread
What is the best and affordable beauty product to remove dark sports?
i just wanna talk about the 'Florence by mills' makeup for a min.
i dont have loads of makeup from there but its somewhat good. i dont have much experience with makeup so i have no idea what to expect from products like these.
i got the skin tint, concealer, brow gel and blush. i thought they were good and i dont really wear makeup.
i would probably give them a 3.5 maybe a 4 out of 5
I just bought new make up by mayebline. They have excellents lipsticks, colourfull. My fac is brightening with it.
I also bought a new perfume "Uroosa" smells excellent and strong and stays a long time on my skin.