Why are the Nazi's right wing exactly? Watch

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Anti-capitalists/Communists see fascism as capitalism

The Nazi's were national socialists who gave the Rothschild bankers the boot... sound anti-capitalist to me.

Socialism is not considered right-wing is it so why are the Nazi's right wing?

If you say racism I don't think they were much more racist than people they fought against. If you say nationalism, well many nationalist parties aren't considered right-wing, and how is German nationalism any different to nationalism of those the Germans fought against?

On the other side of Europe you had a revolution. This Communist revolution, despite Communism being anti-capitalism was actually financed by Jewish banker capitalists to take control of Russia.

The Nazi's goal was to defeat Communism and to do that they had to go through Europe to get to Russia. Jews were largely Communists at the time (Communist ideologies have killed around 100 million woldwide) which is why they were persecuted for it.
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Because the economic system was fascism, the fusion of state and corporate power. I agree that Nazi fascism was left-wing economically because ultimately the corporations worked to advance the goals of the Nazi regime, even if in turn the Nazis set goals and policies that would help benefits flow to the corporations. But the attitude the Nazis had towards those who weren't their chosen people was to essentially feed them to the Nazi economic machine via the German corporations. The subjugation of the interests of the people to private capital is what right-wing economics is all about. In this sense Nazi fascism is only left-wing if you consider it from the perspective of the ethnic Germans and accept the Nazi dogma that other people were not really people.

Then you have to deal with the fact that the Nazis were probably the most militaristic, authoritarian, controlling regime in modern European history when it came to social issues. Authoritarianism is generally thought of as the "right wing" of social policy while letting people live how they want is "left-wing". Obviously such terms are ignorant and erroneous but that's what people often mean by them.

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