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History OCR....or other boards! watch


    I did option...B? I can't remember, the other one was N (there's loads of options...) on AQA.

    The first one was easy, but boring subject - The Reformation in the 16th Century :eek: The second one on Henry VII which was interesting but a little harder


    I did Edexcel History and it was a nightmare

    Questions were really difficult, even the sources which are usually "playground" marks

    Edexcel arsed up and made a date-error in one of the questions...

    Just a nightmare from start to finish.

    I'm guessing the grade boundaries are going to be rock bottom, I can see it now.

    Total Marks 300.

    D ~ 2
    C ~ 8
    B ~ 10
    A ~ 16


    i did edexcel paper. first one was alryt but then i gave up on the second paper

    hi im new to this board
    i did ocr history yesterday and agree the police state Q was baaaad it wasnt the kind of thing you have loads of info in your head about so it was basically just babbling!what did people say for the compare Q?

    On the history exams I did the OCR ones...

    Source paper...

    In summary, it was appalling.. Part a I babbled about the communists and Jews being linked together and the whole idea of red terror emanating from the incomplete revolutions of 1918-1921 thingy... Then talked a lot about Nazi racism and stuff... it was a rubbish answer... predicted score... 14/20, cos I wrote a lot...

    Part b... I did AWFULLY. It didnt say we needed own knowledge, but I started pouring it in anyway, not being able to stop myself from the dreadful freefall situation. I kept babbling and saying stuff that was amateur and pathetic, like... 'Heinrich Himmler would be unlikely to tell the truth to the public and is keen to change the subject in his speech.' I just sat there shaking my head... Predicted score... 26/40...

    Part c, was ALRIGHT... I talked a lot about the volksgemeinschaft, and managed to mention all the sources. I used some stats from my memory and used quotes from the sources. I did the typical summary and had a fair closing sentence... All in all probably said 'volksgemeinschaft' around 12 times... Jesus... I reckon I might have scored 45/60 if im lucky with it...

    Therefore... 85/120 is my prediction for raw marks... which is below an A... Due to how damn disgraceful the paper was im hoping I can get a B on it, as I self-teach history... LOL. I probably got more like 45/120 anyway... Im such an idiot...

    I liked it. I wrote fluently, and made intelligent comments... I only seemed to talk about the individual chancellors, hindenburg, Hitler, the fear of the KPD and the economic crises though... Anything else I should have mentioned? In honesty, might have scraped an A on this one...

    This wasnt bad.. I did the Irish question relating to the weaknesses of the conservatives and the liberals... I mentioned the ideas of gun running, easter rising, curragh mutiny, polarisation and the arms race etc... with some nice quotes dabbed in... I think it was a nice chronological essay, after a WOEFUL beginning and I might have scrimped a B...

    What did everyone else mention for these three papers... Im keen to see how my answers shaped up with other people and to know if I missed anything major...

    Good luck, my fellow historians
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