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I do like Christmas. Never used to as a child as my parents are very religious and we got hardly any presents and had to spend most of the day in church, but when I met my boyfriend I started to enjoy it as I would go round to his parents house, have a big celebration and an amazing dinner. I would then travel down to see my parents for two weeks.

I've since split from my boyfriend but I have been invited to his parents house for Christmas(we have a 2 year old son together) They know my parents don't do much and our son is at theirs this Christmas anyway. I can't afford to go down to my parents this year until the New Year so thats not an option. Last time I visited my ex's parents some messages came up on her iphone. I read some really *****y texts on my ex's Mum's phone about me (they included my full name) from a group conversation between all of them and it's made me realise his mum, her partner and my ex's sister don't actually like me. It seems all their niceness was an act. Last time I was there they were really distant with me and I think it's because I was the one who left him.

I'm thinking to spend Christmas Eve with my son and then Christmas Day alone. But will that be really depressing? Would it be better to be surrounded by people who don't like me than not surrounded by anyone at all?

I don't have anyone else I can go to without feeling like I'm a burden. My friends all have their own lives and I don't have the money to buy presents anyway.

I just don't want it to be too awful as I was diagnosed with postnatal depression this year and lead quite a lonely life. Volunteering on Christmas Day isnt for me.

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