I just broke up with my boyfriend of four years. Scared/regretful/confused? Watch

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I'd been with my boyfriend for four years, yet always had doubts. I love(d) him, but we had too many differences in terms of interests and desires, etc. We were lucky to last that long. I wasn't planning on doing it tonight but it just came out and I knew it was the right thing to do.

Now I just feel scared. I've not been single since I was 17 because I had a long relationship before him and only a two week break between them. I worry I won't find anyone else. Everything seems to be about online dating to find any chance of meeting someone and it just looks crap. I don't know how I'll meet anyone else

I am not used to being single in my adult life. When I was younger I could turn to friends and go out and try to forget about it. Now I am 23 I have fewer friends and I'm just lying in bed on a Friday night wondering what is even going on.

I feel lost
william walker
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See how you are feeling this time next week. You are just hurting rights now, so you need some time to set your thoughts straight and think.

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