It's time to have your say!!! And other such slogans. List your top five great people and your five most disliked people (celebrities, TV characters, a miserable person who runs the shop down the road). Well actually, feel free to go over five, five is just a nice number is all. They don't need to be in order.

- Adam & Joe
- Stewart Gilligan Griffin
- PJ Clapp (Johnny Knoxville)
- Arnold Judas Rimmer
- Harry Hill
- Buzz Lightyear
- Tony Law
- Bill Bailey
- Dylan Moran
- Gareth Keenan
- Richard Richard and Eddie Hitler
- Ralph Wiggum
- The Stereophonics before they went rubbish

- The Stereophonics after they went rubbish
- Any "music" that comes with the letter S and the word Club attached, separated by a hyphen
- Las Ketchup
- Noel Edmonds
- Tweenietubbies
- Richard Bacon
- Barney The "Dinosaur" (overweight purple crocodile)

That'll do for now...