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I won't explain why but I am self studying for A Levels in Sociology, Psychology and possibly Biology. I haven't started so won't know much info.

I understand the exam modules for psychology but am struggling with sociology(in particular, A/S not A2!) I have downloaded and read the AQA exam specifications and understand there is:

Paper 1 - Education with methods in context
Paper 2 - Research Methods and Topics in Sociology

I also understand there is compulsory content and Optional, this is what I'm mostly struggling with. SO on the AQA specs it says
Compulsory Content - Education, Methods in content, research methods
Optional Content - 1) Culter and Identity, 2) Families and households, 3) Health, 4) Work, Poverty and Welfare

I'm wondering how this applies to the exam and revision, so I have to study(once I buy textbook/reivision material) all of the compulsory content, but with the option content do I choose what I study, or study it all? Also Do I pick 2/4 or the options? or 1/4? If this makes sense. Any examples of how the optional questions are laid out would be handy.

Any extra information on exams would be helpful so I can start teaching myself, it will be alot easier to learn when I have a clear understanding of what the exams require. I haven't really thought about A Level yet, I plan to take my test for A/S in 2016 and A Level the following year.

Thanks! Holly
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Hey, um I'm really not sure how helpful I can be because this sounds like a different specification.

I may be able to help if you give me a link to the specification you're looking at as I thought the current AQA specification was this one in which the AS Paper 1 is either Culture and Identity, Families and Households, or Wealth, Poverty, and Welfare, and Paper 2 is either Education with Research Methods or Health with Research Methods.

I do know that they were due to change specifications but can't find a different one on the AQA website for some reason?

However, from the sound of the specification you're looking at (if it's anything like the previous specification) I think it would be that there will be four sections to the second exam paper and you just choose one of them to study and complete.

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