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An example of a corporeal vision? (RS AS LEVEL)


I am currently trying to make notes on visions for the philosophy section of AQA AS Religious Studies and I am struggling with an example of a corporeal vision. I googled it and Bernadette's visions of Virgin Mary came up but I thought/was taught that they are imaginary visions as no one else claimed to see the figure of Virgin Mary?

Are there any other examples of corporeal visions which are more definite and clear-cut?

Thank you!
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A corporeal vision doesn’t have to be seen by anyone else. It is just external from the person who is viewing it.
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You might be getting confused with a 'corporate' religious experience - which is when multiple people all experience something supernatural together, and a 'corporeal' visionary religious experience, which is when a religious experience involves the visual perception of something supernatural.

Technically corporeal visionary religious experiences could be corporate but most are not.

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