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Hi I got some questions about ionisation energy as i don't really understand it.

1. the equation for the first ionisation is O2 ---> O1+ + e- for oxygen, so does it mean that it is just oxygen atoms before but afterwards it is an ion? The 3rd ionization energy equation is X2+ → X3+ + e-, does this mean it orginally has 2 ions but after the third ionisation energy it now has 3 ions?

2. why does fluorine have the highest first ionisation energy? Why can't it be the last element in period 5 or 6 ? Does the first ionisation energy link to period 2?

3. which ionisation energy forms 4+ions? Is it the fourth ionisation energy?

4. how many ionisation energies are possible for boron? is it 5 becuase there are 5 electrons?

Please can you answer each question separately! Thanks so much
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I'm doing a level chemistry too and I can help you with a few of them

1. The 1st ionisation energy is the energy needed to remove one electron from the outer shell. Once the electron has been removed it becomes an ion with +1 charge as it's lost a negatively charged electron. The 2nd ionisation energy- you start with the postively charged ion and another electron is removed making it a 2+ ion and so on .......

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