disappointed with my BTEC applied science assignment grade:( please answer!!

Hanna abdulrakib
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so its a month since i started year 12 and we got a probation assignment for recreating a lab. the main idea of the whole assignment was to justify reasons why you would change the lab and what new things you would put into the newly designed lab. so i do everything i possibly can to get ATLEAST get a merit, i was pleased with myself for putting so much effort into my work and i was hopeful i would get a good grade but i didn't, i got my assignment returned to me today to find i only got a P1 !! im honestly so mad and angry at myself like it says that i never justified my reasons enough and my lab disign was ''quite ordinary''????? after so much hard work thats the feedback i got
i honestly need to get a good grade at the end of this course to get into a uni, can someone please tell me tips to do well in an assignment someone who has experience in this course, im stuck and afraid that my second assignment will turn this way too someone please please help i'd be more than grateful.
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I'm sorry that you haven't done as well as you wanted to -I don't know much about BTEC science, I'm afraid, but as a new year 13 I do know that nobody does as well as they wanted to do in the beginning stages of Year 12 - everybody in my year did awful in the first term and then it gets a lot easier. My advice would be consult your teacher on what you can do to improve and if that doesn't work look at the mark scheme yourself see if there are any areas that you feel that you have missed.
I'm sorry if this hasn't been very helpful and I'm with you well in your studies and really hope you get the grade you are looking for.

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