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help guys!! important and hard physics homework I really need help! ive asked teachers this but because the physics department is pretty ****ty I neeed some help for homework, which is the AQA physics workbook GCSE

heres number 1: A Car accelerates from rest with a initial acceleration at 1/2 m/s^ the total mass of the car and its occupants is 800 Kg

part a ) assuming the resultabt force is intitially due to the driving force of the car engine only calculate the initial driving force of the car?

b if the car was used ti pull a trailer of mass 70kg what would be its initial acceleration for the same driving force?

C) calculate the force on the trailer at this acceleration

5) A tugboat Is lowing a ship steadily into a port. The tugboat cable exerts a horiziontal force of 7200 N on the ship, which is moving at a constant velocity. A resistive force acts on the ship because of water flowing past it as it moves through the water. The resistive force acts in the opposite direction to the fore of the cable.

a) what is the magnitude of the resistive force on the ship?

b) what is the resultant force on the ship?

C) near the port the ship stops and two tugboats are used to pull the ship towards the quay each tugboat exerts a force of 7200 N on the ship at an angle of 45 degrees between their cables, use the parallelogram of forces to find the magnitude of the resultant of the tugboat forces on the ship.

6) an aircraft in level flight is travelling at a constant velocity due east with an engine force of 9.50 kN when it experiences a horizontal crosswind acting due north with a force of 1.20 kN

a) use the parallelogram of forces to sow that the aircraft is pushed off course by about 7 degrees

b) calculate the magnitude of the resultant force on the aircraft

I would really really appreciate it if someone could help me ive done most and I have tried these but im really confused and I need help!! if someone could reply ASAP as its due on the 7/10/15 so please please try and answer before!! I would appreciate it so much!!

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