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    Different people have different types of knowledge, so i don't see how anyone can be thick, as although the knowledge they may have is different to what other people see as intelligent, it is knowledge none the less, and no more or less valuable due to its subject matter.
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    (Original post by DazYa911)
    whos says smart people are miserable?
    I don't know - I certainly didn't -

    just pointed out that I value happiness far more than smartness and if I had to sacrifice one for the other I'd always always choose to be happy rather than smart.

    But annoyingly it's intelligence that never goes away, not happiness. Unless you get hit on the head very hard then you'd lose both, but sopposing that doesn't happen...

    Do you think being good at arts and bad at maths is any worse then being good at maths and bad at art? You just happen to be good at one just like the other, and it isn't fair on the person that likes art to say they're stupid when they just naturally prefer that. The maths and science people could just as easily have been born without the ability they have.

    I think how clever a person is should be what they achieve in relation to their potential. Somebody who can get A*'s not revising and getting C's is stupid. Somebody who should get U's working hard and getting C's makes them intelligent.

    To fund myself through uni I have done a lot of tutoring of GCSE students. Those who find the subjects difficult but work hard may only get Fs but they are not stupid. They are maximising their potential in those subjects. These students don't want to have anything to do with science ever again, but they recognise that the best grade they can get will help them in life so they try, and hence are a pleasure to teach. The worst students are those who are bright but do not care. They get C's when they could get As if they put a little work in. These are the students I consider stupid. Destined to under achieve all their lives and irritate everyone around them while doing it. The people who won't pull their weight at work etc etc. I hope some of them will amture and see the error of their ways, but I doubt it. So frustrating when so many people would give anything for half their brains.

    I matured. I used to do so badly, like my year 6 AND 9 SAT's were both 6,6,6 - how stupid is that? But now i'm working properly, revising loads and actually getting the A*'s that i can get as opposed to a B or C standard. So don't lose faith in those people, some do see the light.

    Well, nobody's omniscient. Although I known plenty of people who have DELUSIONS of omniscience but that's a different matter entirely.

    I've heard people call others 'thick' b/c they have no knowledge within THEIR own field of expertise - e.g: I'm a physicist and you know sweet FA about relativity, therefore you must be 'thick'.
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