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I can't decide between Bristol for Biochemistry with Molecular Biology and Biotechnology or Exeter for Biologcal Science.

While I am more interested in biology and feel Exeter's course is so broad it will help me decide which area of biological science I would like to go into after uni, Bristol's course is more 'impressive' and it is considered a better uni.

Also, it seems biochemistry opens some doors a degree in biological science would not - such as medicine.

HOWEVER I live in Bristol already, so going to uni there wouldn't be AS exciting. Also, I feel I could definitely get a better degree classification doing biology because I find it easier than biochemistry. I would like to do my masters at Oxbridge or imperial so a good classification is important to me

I just don't know what to do LOL. I guess if exeter was considered a better uni i'd have no hesitation in going there, but the more 'impressive' degree at a better uni is appealing.

What do you think?(Bristols biology degree didn't appeal to me thus why I'm considering biochemistry)
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So, have you applied to both and have gotten offers from both? Or is this hypothetically assuming you'll get offers from both?

Have you realised that their typical offers are different, Bristol usually offer AAA, Exeter AAB, meaning that if you put Bristol as your firm then Exeter can be placed as insurance, and that if you pick Exeter as your firm, you will very probably need to be looking at a ABB university for your insurance (or below)?

Have you visited either uni's?

Have you looked at the programme structure/what modules you'll be doing?

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