Personal Statement for Multiple Courses? URGENT!!!!!

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Would it be bad to write a personal statement for multiple degree courses?

I'm thinking of applying to:

Oxford for Biomedical Sciences (I'm aware of the closeness of the deadline....I've written the statement just don't know how to link all of these subjects together).
Imperial College London for Biomedical Sciences
Oxford Brookes for Biomedical Sciences
University of Bristol for Cancer Biology and Immunology
University of Nottingham for Genetics.

I worry that these courses are too different. I've looked into all of the course structures and they have at least one thing in common (i.e. all but one cover cancer biology/genetics in some way and all but one covers immunology at some point in the 3 year course) but I'm worried that having these as my choices would be detrimental to my application. My goal in life is to work as a cancer research scientist and I wonder how I can convey this with these chosen subject areas.

Thank you.

Idk if it helps but the work experience I've had is

2 weeks at the Royal Veterinary College (extracting DNA from cat blood, PCR etc)
2 weeks at UCL in their 'Lungs for Living Research Centre'
1 week at a GP.

I've also read 'How we live and why we die' by Lewis Wolpert and 'The Double Helix' by James Watson.

Thank you
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Moved to PS advice.

Biomed is a broad course that will cover areas such as cancer biol, immunology and genetics so talking about those will not hurt your application. Just don't mention any course by name. Please only mention relevant work experience. Work experience in a GP isn't relevant. What did you do at UCL that helped develop your interest in the subject? You don't need to talk about career plans. They're likely to change as are your interests as you go through your degree.

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