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Where do i start? This is a big one.

I met a girl at my aunties house (their friends), and i REALLY fancied her. Im REALLY shy though and didn't do anything about it. My auntie asked her in front of me if she liked me, and twice she turned away smilling.

I got her number eventually and texted her, asking her out (my first time ever), after my auntie told me she had been dumped by her boyfriend. She texted back saying i was a lovely lad but she wasn't ready for going out or anything. I understand that, but i still dont know whether that was a brush off. I also found out that she got dumped because she wouldnt have sex with her boyfriend, and he called her etc. Shes 18 been hurt by lads 3 times. I'm 21 and never had a girlfriend. Her ex was younger than me, and she might think i want the same, but im not that type of lad. Shes a bit dizzy/naive etc, and the other lads treated her badly.

Also, we had a bbq at our house and i invited her because my auntie was coming too. She came, but i dont know whether it was for me or my auntie. We talked a bit, but its hard in front of my family. i did notice that we kept looking at each other, but looking away as our eyes met.????????????

Theres more problems as well. shes a jehovas witness, and her mum is really strict with her, she doesnt have much freedom.she would get 'MURDURED' if her mum found out what she did, or if she was with a lad.

Another thing is that we are the complete opposites of each other, shes dizzy, wild, outgoing, loud etc, whereas im quite quiet and shy. we are also from different family backgrounds. she also thinks shes thick and is regularly told so, she finished school at 16 whereas i have a degree. She appears really confident, but i dont know whether this is an act, as she appears a little shy around me. but i think we have the same morals, such as trust, only wanting one person etc. what would she see in someone as unconfident as me?

Any comments. PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!!!!!!!!!1
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Become her friend, get to know her a little better. There's no point in jumping into a relationship without getting to know the other person properly. Look at Audrey Roberts and Archie in Coronation Street; Archie had a crush on Audrey, but did he break it gently? Nope, he proposed marriage!
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