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Hi Guys, Just wondered if anyone could give me some advice or takes the courses I want to take and could give me some advice and some info on the course?

I want to teach PE at High School (so years 7-11)

Philosophy and Ethics

Any help is much appreciated!

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If you want to teach PE you will almost definitely need Biology at A-level. I may be wrong, but it's very important. I know from a few of my friends that A-level Sports/PE involves a lot of Biology-related theory so it's something to look into. I'm doing Biology and I love it. It's really not that difficult. Psychology is also very important if you want to teach, so good choice.

I feel that Business will always be useful (who knows, you could take it a step further and have your own bodybuilding/training/weight loss business instead of teaching in a school). As for Philosophy and Ethics, it may be useful depending on what your back-up career choices are, but if you're not 100% sure about it, I'd say switch that one for Biology.

These are just suggestions but I hope I was at least somewhat helpful. Good luck with GCSEs!
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I would recommend u to switch Business to Bio. Reason is because most sport/PE degree do prefer one, if not require one. Even if it doesn't state so on a website , it'll be much useful to have later on if you proceed to become a PE teacher.

I would also like to suggest switching Philosophy and Ethics to either Eng lit or History as they would keep your paths open
for the future just in case you change you're mind. (Trust me, it is quite likely to happen unless you are absolutely sure!) My friends regret picking all three sciences as she thought she wanted to do medicine at the time she opted for it, but after two weeks completely changed her mind and changed to all humanities. But philosophy is widely respected so if you find it really interesting I find no reason why to change it.

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