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I want to do French, Russian and Psychology. Is this a good mix? Should I change psychology for something else? I also enjoy English literature, German and Religious Studies. Does anyone recommend doing another A level or changing one? Are A levels significantly harder than GCSE? I want to do French with another language at degree level. At GCSE, I am predicted Bs in history, biology, chemistry, physics and English language and literature. I am predicted As in geography and maths. I am predicted A*s in French, German and religious studies. Thanks in advance! 😊🎓
My first language is English and I have no previous experience of other languages (apart from French and German at GCSE). Are languages useful for getting jobs? What jobs can you get with languages? Xxxxxxxx
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If Russian is your mother tongue then many unis will disregard it, so, although it's a good idea to do it for A-level, you should definitely do another A-level as well, and as you like English Literature, I would really advice you to do it, I'm doing AS at the moment and I do really enjoy it, it's great! Furthermore, I would advice you to do a fifth subject as well (as long as Russian is your mother tongue) for AS, so you would have a choice of dropping one of the subjects later on, because sometimes when you do an A-level in a certain subject, you get to dislike it a lot, and if you'd do just three subjects (excluding Russian) you would have to carry on with it for the entire two years, and you don't want to be in such a situation, trust me.

Hope this helps! xxx I'm doing French, English Lit, Psychology, Polish and Media, so if you have any questions about any of these subjects, don't be afraid to PM me! ;-)

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