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Right so im currently doing AS level Spanish but confused with the subjunctive mood/tense.
so would (for example)
'Quiero voy a ir al cine'
not be grammatically correct, for should it be

'Quiera voy a ir al cine'
for i may not go to the cinema, i just want to?

or are both grammatically correct?

any help/tips with subjunctive (or just spanish) would be very appreciated, thank you
Mr Tekes
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For 'I want to go to cinema' the voy is redundant. It's just Quiero ir al cine.

The subjunctive is quite complex and is required for many sentences of valued judgement, doubt, or statements of que + another person. I would suggest purchasing A New Reference Grammar of Modern Spanish by Butt and Benjamin which explains the subjunctive in an infinitely clearer way than I or most teachers ever could. Don't restrict the thought of subjunctive to doubt, and especially where you are talking about yourself implicitly as in ' I want to go to the cinema' the subjunctive isn't needed, although it's good that you're thinking about using it for things that might not happen.

e.g. I doubt he'll come with us to the cinema- dudo que vaya/venga con nosotros al cine.

The subjunctive isn't that difficult to use in writing or to recognise in reading, but the way many verbs become more pronounced in their irregularity in this mood means you should practice speaking it all the time so you get the context right, it'll take many hours but will allow you vastly improve the complexity of your sentence structures. It's not gonna be easy but the fact that you're aware of it so early on in AS means that you'll have no problem getting it nailed throughout the year, you're definitely on the right track. Make sure you learn and remember all the irregular verbs and every tense now, it'll give you a ridiculous advantage in speaking beautiful spanish once you get the foundations in.

Good luck g

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