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Is it just me but has ayone else had an SFE assessor that is a nightmare?
I chose to employ my own Practical needs and NMH this woman has thus far demanded the following
1 I send her the qualifications of all I choose to use
2 Now is saying she wants the proof this person can give me the support

surely this is MY choice , she sent me the details of ranstad who she expected me to use, but it was made clear in the assessment that I wanted to use my own due to personal experiences.
She has placed every barrier in front of me to prevent me using my own even asking proof they were self employed and that the tax people they would use, surely ths SFE woman is going beyond what she can. She has now placed barriers in place of me to such an etent I cant access help until she approves her demands

Is this normal
NOw she is sayig she wants reasons why they are charging a slightly dofferent price to Ranstad, it is like the SFE are stating if you use anyone other than ranstad we will prevent you

If it is my choice then wht the hell are SFE doing making it such a stressful issue to want what is your right to employ your own, it is surely not for them to be so bloody intrusive
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