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I'm currently studying A2 chemistry and to be honest I'm only getting it slightly, resitting the year wasn't right for me and I really needed chemistry for what I want so I am taking it again.

I believe my falling at A2 is because of my grade in AS (got an E in F322, D in F321 and an A in F323.) so I am putting aside a day or two in the half term purely to revise the entire AS Chemistry syllabus and do a few exams on it to make sure I have it. (Also my school's running mock exams midway November)

My syllabus is Unit F321/F322 for OCR AS Chemistry A.

My question to you guys is asking if anybody has tips on what I can do to refresh/understand AS chemistry in a day. I understand it's not a small subject but I have already had 5 hours a day for a year on it in school and I just feel this will be the booster I need to sort out my grade (push up to a B or something in organic).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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