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Hi! I'm in year 11 at the moment, still working on my History GCSE (2 year course) and BTEC science (yikes) (2 year course). I did an Art GCSE last year and earned a C grade, I was pretty disappointed, no one in my class earned an A which was pretty shocking as well, jeez examiners!.. This year I started IT (BTEC) and i'm doing exceptionally well. I'm not really sure if I should carry on with Science, seeing as I was put into a BTEC class. I'm positive i'll get distinctions but BTEC science seems to be something people look down upon for some reason? My art teacher would love to have me back for Art but I don't know if it's really beneficial when getting into really good unis. As for IT, I'm enjoying it very much but i'm not sure about History - will it be difficult? My english is AMAZING (for me haha)! B grade first time around on higher-tier, but my maths is complete and utter crap. I'm doing foundation and still trying to get that C in November. First time around I got a D! As you can tell, I do try my best but with some subjects (cough, maths) it seems to be a little bad. I'm positive about getting a C this time around though and i'm revising hard! In terms of other subjects like RS, I did very well and didn't fail anything else besides god damn maths. I want to know more about A-levels and any advise on what I should pick next in sixth form, what is great for getting into good unis? What happens after I get that C in maths, will I work on higher-tier maths (not in year 11 right)? Thank you!
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I say definitely carry on with IT. Computing is also an EXTREMELY valuable qualification to have, though they may not let you do it unless you get a B or higher in Maths. As someone doing all three sciences at A level and wanting to be an astrobiologist, I am slightly biased towards you continuing Science, but it's really not worth it if you don't think you'll get the grades you want. I'm just extremely in favour of expanding the scientific community and moving forward as a species. Another thing I would say is if you are happy with your English, definitely continue it.

Unless you are going all out in one direction like I am with Science, a combination of varied subjects would be very good. For example, English, IT/Computing, one of the sciences and something else.

You may also want to consider IB. You'd have to do Maths, but you can do it at a really low, easy level, and it would just give you the chance to prove that you're not so bad at it

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