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My form tutor has given me a deadline for my 5 choices for Friday the 23rd, which has really piled on the pressure. I know the rough universities that I'd like to go to, but I'm just not sure on the course. I think I'll get an A in Maths, B in Chemistry and a C in Physics, and I got a C in AS ICT.

I moved college to continue my A2 levels after AS, as I wasn't enjoying it at all at the college I was at. This meant dropping ICT as they didn't do the course, but the universities don't seem to require ICT anyway.

I'm pretty sure I'd like to go into a course that has something to do with computers in some way. I always love creating things like Powerpoints and designing things like that (even though I can't draw to save my life!), I just find it fun creating things on the computer. I'm interested in things like software too. I've mainly been looking at Computer Science degrees, but I'm still unsure. I loved ICT as AS as it was just designing documents on Word and Excel and Access, etc, so it was easy and fun for me.

I also really like Maths, but the grade boundaries for Maths seem to be through the roof. I've seen courses called 'Computer Science & Maths' which would be kind of a good mix, but I'm just still unsure.

I'd like to go to uni in either Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds or Sheffield. I haven't heard much about the lower entry requirement universities like Manchester Met or Leeds Beckett, so I'd be uncertain about them too.

Thanks for any help!
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I'm not really sure how I can help. The decision at the end of the day has to be yours. What I can tell you however is that Computer Science isn't really much to do with creating Powerpoint presentations. It is about learning to code, and how operating systems, the web and networking etc all work.

If you are really unsure, why not opt to take a gap year. Get yourself a job and live in the real world for a year or so. It might give you some much needed focus and a bit of a break from academia. Just a thought.

Good luck!

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