Why are people buildin more polluting chimneys if were tryin to protect environment ?

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Where I live is an industrial area about 10 minutes away, we have a chimney already which is from our crisp factory , the crisp factory opened in 2005 and has been belching dirt/pollution into the atmosphere since then, non stop except it stops for around 2 days around Christmas day, I guess so it can be cleaned out ? then it begin again for a whole year non stop, the smoke belching out of it is very aggressive. they are saying the crisp factory will continue to operate for at least another 50 years. The once silver smokestack of the crisp factory is now already stained brown from the dirt of the pollution.

This morning I am driving along when I notice a NEW giant silver smokestack, about 100 metres tall, I drive to where it is and it is right by the crisp factory, this new smokestack isn't operating just yet, workmen are still patching things up on it first, but I'm guessing it will begin belching smoke within a few days and I fear it will never stop smoking for at least another 100 years .
in a few years this silver smokestack will surely also be stained black from the dirt of pollution
it looks very aggressive and it looks like it will be very bad for environment once it kicks off smoking

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