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    Hello everyone,

    I'd really like some advice. I am currently studying Psychology and have already completed two years. Only now I realise some subjects interest me far more, one of them is a science subject which I would really like to do and if I was applying now, I would definitely select it instead. Like I said, I am quite far into Psychology now but I do not think I can continue. I am beginning to find it boring and uninspiring. I did some research and if I just tried to finish this course, I could not change to a Masters in the other subject either as it requires an undergraduate degree. Were I to change, I would need to finance one year of the other subject but the rest would be covered. (Also, if anybody has any ideas on how to earn enough money to cover the fees within a year, that would be great. I would definitely need to take a year off and work hard!) I am next to certain I would much rather study this other subject despite the difficulties.
    What would you advise? What would you do in my place? Have you ever changed your mind halfway through one course and changed to another? I don't know if it is sensible to change and I would finish this course but I am really beginning to lose interest and feel quite irritated. More importantly, I am very interested in the other subject and feel it would be a loss if I didn't study it. I need to decide now.
    What would you suggest? Thanks for any answers, it may help me make a sensible decision.

    I think you would probably have to start from the beginning of the new course. If you have already decided that Psychology is not for you, you definitely shouldn't just stay with it for the sake of ease, because you could come out at the end of it wishing you had changed direction and at that point having no way of doing it financially, whereas this way although it will be tough, it is still feasible. You should really have a chat with your student adviser if you have one and they can let you know all of your options. I studied two years of French and all throughout it I knew in my heart it wasn't the course for me, I wasn't interested in it anymore and felt I should be doing something else. So I left uni and now am just working at home (although it sucks) but I am applying for the course I felt I should be on instead, and I don't regret leaving at all because I knew it wasn't right. The problem with sticking with a course you are not interested in is that it could be rendered useless in the end. If you don't like a subject, you're unlikely really to put your heart and soul into your work, leaving you with a low-grade degree, and job prospects at the end which don't match up with your real passions! You are young and the world is still your oyster!
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