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    My boyfriend is really self-conscious about his body. For example when we go out to eat he complains that is going to gain weight and he compares himself to taller smaller built guys. I love his body and he makes me feel super turned-on even just looking him I just want to rip his clothes off all the time and make love to him. I love to stroke his skin, give him a massage, lay in his arms and more but when I tell him that I find his body hot or compliment him he dismisses it and accuses me of lying or over-exaggerating.

    He is 5'10" and 70kg (apparently). He is always talking about how his lower body is fat as he has a bit more weight on his butt, lower belly and thighs but I find it really cute. Also he is self conscious of his pale skin but I personally love it as I am naturally olive skinned. He does a bit of sports but he wants to go to the gym to get gain muscle but feels too down to get down to it - I told him to do what makes him happy but I don't mind either way. I'm petite myself (size 6) but I certainly have my flaws stretch marks, uneven boobs and a bit of cellulite on my thighs!

    How can I make him feel better and believe the way I feel about him?
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    Although being supportive and understanding will definitely help, it seems that this is much more of a personal issue and it sounds like he needs help. I would really recommend that he tries seeing a counsellor about this because it can be a really difficult thing to overcome by himself. As much as keeping healthy and doing exercise might make him feel somewhat better, it's important that it doesn't become too much about improving his appearance rather than his health as this can be a dangerous attitude to get into. It might be that he has something like body dysmorphic disorder. Whatever happens, remember that this isn't your fault- whilst being as kind as possible and letting him know that you love him no matter what is important, his mental health/confidence issues haven't arisen because you aren't being a 'good' girlfriend so don't feel that you're doing something wrong. Be gentle with him. Best of luck, hope things work out for you. x

    Just tell him your fine with him and thats all that matters

    Tell him that he's being a ***** and it's not attractive.

    He just has to accept your compliments and keep it moving or he can do something about it. If he's unhappy then he's the only one that can change that.

    Show him this thread.

    Seriously if I was having a down-time about myself and saw that mah girl was thinking about me in that way by creating such a thread and she then shown me it at that later date. Well, she'd get a kiss. At least.

    This is a personal issue. Maybe coax him into talking to professional about it.

    I'm 5'11 and weight 10kg more. He's perfectly normal.

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