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how do you start to do the coursework? What do you write first?
plz reply someone
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hahaha i just finished this coursework. so i know exactly how you feel...
here are some pointers, i hope they help. that is if you remember that you posted this and actually come back to check.

1st decide on what you're going to examine. eg. height and weight, IQ and key stage 2 test results. the best thing to do though is height and weight because they are both made up of numbers which are what maths is all about right? (i'm sure someone will try to contradict me on that though)

then make up some hypotheses eg. the mean height of year 11 boys will be higher than the mean height of year 11 girls. you should aim to have at least 3 different hypotheses which you prove by different means. ie bar chart to show the averages, a scatter graph to show height against weight, box plots to show distribution around the median.

somewhere you have to get in there how you took your sample. you would definitely want this to be random, and probably stratified across the year group and within the year group too. a good website for random numbers is: .

that should be enough to get you started.
have fun with it!
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