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    Was hoping somebody could answer my question regarding the clinical & health psych course at bangor in relation to the timetable.

    I am a mature student and I currently live near Liverpool. Bangor and this course in particular stand out for me for many reasons. I am a parent so halls isn't an option for me, but I also need to consider how realistic it is to commute for 3 years on a student loan.

    It would be extremely helpful to have an idea of how often I would need to attend at the university, could anybody who is doing or has done this course could shed some light that would be wonderful, thank you!


    I can't comment on this particular course and the timetabling of it, but I can comment on commuting from Liverpool to Bangor as I am doing my DClinPsy at Bangor, and I live in North Liverpool/South Sefton. I've been leaving the house at around 7am and I've been arriving at the uni between 8.30 and 8.50...I depends on how free flowing the traffic is. It is a long drive but it is beautiful, so it passes surprisingly quickly.

    I'm a first year student and anyone taking psychology has the same lectures for the first 18 months of the course.

    I'm from Liverpool myself but I'm living in Bangor and it costs me £21 every time I go home for the day.

    My timetable is as follows:

    Lecture 9-11
    DOI 2-3
    Lecture 3-5

    Tuesday's off

    Seminar 9-10
    Seminar 10-11

    Lecture 9-11

    IT Skills 3-4

    If I was you, I wouldn't pay £80 per week just to come in for 1-2 hours!

    Hope this helps!

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    I've just graduated from this course. The 1st year consists of around 10 hours a week of contact time (i.e. time you need to be at the uni), the second year is around 15 hours a week, and the third year is around 8 hours a week of lectures, but because of your dissertation (which at Bangor, is a practical dissertation, not just a giant essay), you would need to be on campus for probably around 30 hours a week in the final year.

    I would strongly advise you against living in Liverpool and commuting to Bangor. The roadworks on the A55 (the only way of getting here) are insane and realistically, what should be a 2 hour journey can easily turn into a 4+ hour journey in the event that say, bad weather disrupts the roadworks. On my course there were people living in Holyhead (an hour away) that found it to be too much effort and commitment to commute. Spending 4 hours a day driving to/from university (20 hours a week...) is not sensible. The psychology degree at Bangor is demanding and will require you to spend a lot of time outside of lecture doing research, writing and doing groupwork (I would estimate around 30 hours a week in addition to the lectures).

    Should you choose to go ahead anyway, I 100% guarantee that you will fall into the same predicament as all students that think they can cope with commuting large distances; they fall into the trap of thinking "I don't need to go to that lecture... I'll just learn from the notes online", and they very rarely succeed or even pass the degree.

    So I very strongly advise you not to do this! The psychology degree at Bangor really is a full-time commitment, and you won't get the true experience of it if you spend 20 hours a week travelling. The psychology degree at Glyndwr is very similar but is much closer to you (FYI - the degree at Bangor isn't as specialist as you think it will be. Except for about half of the final year, there's no clinical/health element to it).
Are you going to a festival?

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